Black Folly is a one man band from Lebanon started by Marwan Antonios, originally playing Black Metal, but later evolving into Ambient Metal, Post Black Metal and Post Rock.


Black Folly’s latest release is “Le Mal du Siècle”, you can stream it on Soundcloud:

Here are some questions I sent to Marwan to get a better insight about his project:

  • 1- Tell us a bit about yourself and your musical background.

I am a multi-instrumentalist and music composer. My relation with music began strictly with Metal, then as the years passed I became more and more open to other genres such as post rock and shoegaze.

  • 2- How it’s like for a one man band in Lebanon? What do you aim to achieve with a project like Black Folly?

Well it is pretty hard in general to be a one man band, since you have to do everything by yourself from music composition to recording etc. But in the end when you see the result it’s all worth it. One of my main goals is to introduce a new style of music to the Middle East which is post-black metal and ambient metal. Through Black Folly I hope to start a new wave of metal music in the Arab world , a new way of perceiving metal if you will.


  • 3- What were your influences when you recorded “Le Mal du Siècle”? Music, art, culture, etc.

My main influence when I composed and recorded the album was French literature and more precisely the Romantic Movement. ”Le mal du siècle” is the phenomenon of disillusion and melancholy experienced by rising young adults of the 19th century. I could relate to this “state of being” which led to the shaping of Black Folly’s melancholic sounds. The album also was influenced by many musical projects from the  post-black metal /post rock wave such as Les discrets, old Alcest and Agalloch.

  • 4- Do you at some point plan to perform this music live?

I would very much like to perform my music live, but for now it is impossible due to lack of secessionists.

  • 5- Will you keep on pushing Black Folly despite that it’s mostly underground “unknown” music by an independent musician?

Very interesting question, yes I will keep composing for Black Folly even if it’s just for the underground scene and even if its stays unknown. This musical project has allowed me to grow both on a personal level and on a musical level, it’s became vital to me, what I seek from it is not fame but self fulfillment.

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Black Folly on Soundcloud