KAZ has been around in the Metal Scene for a while now organizing “Metal Nights”, but on the First of February, KAZ prepared something bigger for us.

“While they are fighting and killing, we resist through Metal”. I feel as though this message exaggerates the power of Metal. At least I wouldn’t be proud to consider Metal a primal means of resisting, but simply the expression of refusal.

As for the venue, there isn’t much choice in Metal concerts left today. It’s not very practical for much fan physical interaction beside headbanging, but the sound quality accommodates for Metal just fine. There was also band Merchandise such as Hatecrowed’s Warpact in Black, Blaakyum’s Lord of The Night, and some Blaakyum shirts of the Massacore event.

That said, the concert started half an hour after the said time. The first band to play was Hatecrowned:



1- Freezing Moon (Mayhem cover)
2- Rajea Yetdammar Lebnan
3- Souls For Belial (Marduk cover)
4- Untitled
5- 3:35 AM
6- Cave of Salvation
8- Funeral Reverie
9- Bleached Bones (Marduk cover)
10- You Are A Clan of Sheep, I Am a Horde Of Wolves

The band was greeted by passionate fans since the beginning of the night and earned an encore for their cover of Freezing Moon, but it was ignored until the end of the playlist. The vocals were understandable for most words and the instruments were as clear as the album itself, except for one guitar which was set at a lower volume than intended, for what was said to be a technical issue.


The second band to play was Blaakyum:



1. Crossing
2. The Line of Fear
3. Pure Evil
4. Untitled yet (Oriental)
5. Lord Of The Night
6. Battle Roar
7. War Zone
8. Destined to Rise
9. Awakened Dreams
10. Journey To Eternity

Blaakyum has always gathered a good group of headbangers on the top row of the stage. They played the longest that night performing a variety of songs from Lord Of The Night and their upcoming albums.


… and to conclude the night, Deathlam:



1-Dimoni Corpus
2-Maggot Remains
3-Reign Of Terror
4-Let Kill Let Die

Deathlam gathered all the rest of the Metalheads that were there for Black Metal. Their music had many Raw Black Metal elements, such as the grinding tremolo riffs, tremolo bass guitar, rough blast beats, and high pitch shrieking, and songs of sickening disgust and hatred.

The concert was all in all a good show, selling 84 tickets (which has been fairly good for the past year), and ended sometime after 1:15 am.