On January 18th 2014, I was threatened to go to Quadrangle to attend In Sanity Q’s gig because my brother was kidnapped. Having no other choice but to attend (because I love my brother), I arrived there early and stuffed my ears with cotton because I wasn’t going to listen to that band on stage.

No… seriously now, I got invited to attend the gig and accepted right away. I love the band and always enjoy their performance. I somehow got used to what they present on stage but at the same time there were always surprises. They always have something new for us to enjoy and this time they had eighteen originals.

In Sanity Q have made a good choice of venue: many people came to see the band at Quadrangle because it is one of the few venues with good sound, a nice stage and space. The only downside to Quadrangle is the wide concrete columns which hide the band from some viewers, a band which not only plays music but has theatrical scenes.

I enjoyed all the tracks: they had several moods but all felt weird, strange or sex-obsessed, which is somehow the signature of In Sanity Q. The bands had definitely practiced an re-practiced and over-practiced the tracks; there was many hard timing sections and they pulled am all quite well. They were so tight that vocalist Chris would want their sex.

In Sanity Q are working on their first album which we have been waiting for. The band says the tracks are ready and recording is on the way. I will be waiting for the album like most people who are enjoying the band’s tunes at every gig, and as I said to the band, I will be the first in line to buy it.

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