It’s Christmas season, you’re a 50-year old parent trying to buy your 20-year old Metalhead son/daughter a gift which will make YOU look cool – well at least once a year – but what do young Metalheads want nowadays?

Here are some ideas you should consider when buying a gift for Metalheads this Christmas:

  • 1- XBox One

Most Metalheads are gamers, and XBox One is the latest toy in the market. Buy that and enjoy the winter season with your family at home!

  • 2- Hot Ticket(s)

Buy them tickets to see Iced Earth (January 29th 2014) and/or Manowar (May 24th 2014) Live in Turkey (check here and here)!


  • 3- Instrument upgrade

If they play an instrument, ask them what equipment they might buy if they could afford it. Buy it for them and they will love you forever – or until they want better equipment. If they don’t play any instrument, time to get them one.

  • 4- Proper sound system

Metalheads appreciate quality sound, they love the energy boost and technicality in the music, and what a better way to put a smile on their faces than to buy them brand new Bose speakers and amaze them with great sound quality.


  • 5- Latest Merchandise

Ask their friends if they heard them talk about a new killer CD, kickass live concert DVD or a sick Band shirt which they liked – it would be great if they saw you wearing a Band shirt too.

  • 6- Cash

Well not all parents have time to go out and buy gifts, and it so happens that Metalheads need money like any other people folks – keeping up with events, merchandise and beer costs money – which Metalheads tend to be short of. Loosen up your pocket and sprinkle the green.

  • 7- Beer Barrel

This is one gift they won’t forget anytime soon! Getting a six pack is one thing, but a beer barrel – you will be hailed within the Metal community as Parents of the Year.


  • 8- Combat Boots

The heavier the better – do you seriously want them to walk out from a moshpi feet-naked? Buy these for any Metalhead and they will thank you after they come back from Wacken.


  • 9- Autographed personal photo / video

They open their gift thinking their aunt is wishing them Merry Christmas, and BOOM – an autographed picture of Ozzy Osbourne with a USB attached to it. They plugged that in their computers and there’s Ozzy in a video wishing them to Rock on (N.B: this wish might be hard to pull off).

  • 10- Call upon an Angel

Arguably the most difficult wish in this last, get a hold of Epica’s Simone Simons and bring her over to surprise your lucky offspring with a heavenly Christmas carol. They will melt in place – you might too, Dad.



So go on, make magic.

… and Merry Christmas.