On Saturday the second of November we went down to Oreilly’s in Kaslik to watch Alan’s Trio perform Blues Rock music. It was not the first time I see the guys live and I was excited to see them again. The band consists of Alan on guitar (thus his trio), Philip on drums and Patrick on Bass.

The guys have developed their own style and worked on the material they present. They cover Hendrix and other Rock classics and also have their own originals. They somehow developed a habit in their progression, as the band starts with the basic riff of a well known track or the original and then move on to develop it, sometimes building up, other times calming down to Reggae tunes. In Alan’s trio live performance, there has to be a jam part and definitely a solo for each member on which he improvises.


Oreilly’s pub is a really nice place, the sound is good but the stage is a bit small, even for a trio. It’s an Irish pub, so expect and Irish look and menu. The seating is not bad, could have been more comfortable.The show unexpectedly also featured an acoustic set, some beat-boxing by a guest musician along Alan’s guitar soloing.

The show at Oreilly’s was enjoyable, but I must say, at some point, I lost interest in focusing on the music and it just became a background sound. The reasons are two, and this review serves as an advice for the band.

1- The jams just keep on going and going, it becomes repetitive. A jam is always fun for the performer, but they should keep in mind that there are spectators and they are here to ENTERTAIN them.


2-The tracks played, no matter how versatile, they just keep you in the same mood, in the same Rock and the same Roll, there seems to be lack of diversity. The band should work not just on changing beats and riffs and the whole music “playing” they should change the mood, vary in the territory of emotions.

Finally, I must say that most of attendees are band supporters, but supporters stop supporting when the band isn’t seriously working on their material.