• Rami Rouhana’s Top Release of October 2013

Ulver – Messe I.X-VI.X

Recommended: As Syrians Pour in, Lebanon Grapples with Ghosts of a Bloody Past.


This is not Metal, but by a band who successfully started with Metal and moved to experimental dark music.

Messe I.X-VI.X is an orchestral masterpiece and the opening track is about our beloved “Lebanon”.

For fans of: Dark Music & Classical Music.

  • Patrick Saad’s Top Release of October 2013

Idensity – Chronicles

Recommended: Sekhmet.

The reign of French Metal continues with Idensity and their debut album “Chronicles“. Mixed and mastered by Dan Swano, “Chronicles” delivers an epic sound of Extreme Metal which a heavy Symphonic sound. Check out their official video above!

For fans of: Death Metal, Symphonic Metal.

  • Yves Nasrallah’s Top Release of October 2013

Ihsahn – Das Seelenbrechen

Recommended: Tacit, M.

After his successful Adversary-angL-After trilogy, and a somewhat shy Eremita release last year, Ihsahn ventured into avant-garde territories and brought us Das Seelenbrechen. This might sound a bit odd when listening for the first time, as the first half of the album is pretty solid, but dissolves into experimental tracks in its second half. Similar to his previous releases, this album brings less black metal, and more prog/experimentation. It might not be satisfying to all of his fans, especially the ones stuck in the Emperor era, but in my honest opinion, Ihsahn is one of the best composers in the metal community today, always evolving and delivering something fresh, and that’s what differs a “good musician” from a “great composer”.

For fans of: Progressive Metal.