We receive many weekly emails requesting album / band reviews and interviews, and sometimes bands and record labels send us press kits, music download links and hard copies of their albums by mail. Only few of what we receive gets featured on Lebmetal.com and the condition is one: it has to be good music.

A friend of mine recommended me When Prophecy Fails and for that am grateful. Their E.P “Everything Ever, At Once” is one of the best I have heard lately. It has that Modern Rock feel, sort of Muse style mixed with Progressive Rock complexity and even METAL, marvelous clean guitar passages and soft to harsh vocals moving you through several moods.

This E.P features four tracks, each with its own effect on the listener but all four are of great quality when it comes to composition, arrangement, performance, recording and mastering. The whole package is great and it reminds me of our Lebanese band “Benevolent”.

I recommend this E.P to all listeners of modern Prog Rock/Metal and as always, I recommend hearing good music on good earphones/headphones, not cheap laptop speakers.

Free Download When Prophecy Fails’s Everything Ever, At Once

Definitely gets a 8.5/10.