For the second time in 3 years, iconic band Scorpions rocked the shores of the oldest city in the world at the Byblos International Festival. Whether it’s in fact the band’s farewell tour is yet to be determined, but we can safely say that Scorpions are still delivering a must-see Rock show!

scorpions-lebanon-2013 (2)

As LebMetal, we attended the event as members of the press, but that turned out to be more problematic than useful. Truth is the band’s management canceled the press conference and restricted the time for professional photography to just the first 3 songs of the concert – so that’s a no-go for any quality pictures.

In addition, the area reserved to the press was unfortunately set between the regular standing and the golden circle area; press photographers trying to find a clear shot of the stage were met with attendee threats to move out of the way.

scorpions-lebanon-2013 (1)

As to the event itself, the sound was quite good during the entire 2 hours and the show was overall way better than the ones 2 years ago. However, since it’s Scorpions’ second time at Byblos International Festival, everyone expected something more original, perhaps more advanced stage effects / show; I’m sure they could have done something more memorable.

The most notable part of the event was James Kottak, who gave an unforgettable show with a solo session, making the audience go wild as they screamed till their vocal chords wore out – I am sure most of them lost their voices the second day.


All in all, the show was great and enjoyable, everyone danced and sang along to their favorite songs, and got drunk to the rhymes and riffs played, but if Scorpions are planning to rock our country again (is it really their last tour?), they better be planning one hell of a show!


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