It’s Geek Week over at Youtube, so we launched a Facebook campaign where we put Metal Geeks and their “super powers” on the spotlight. Here’s a quick recap of these Geeks in case you missed out on our Facebook activity:

  • Geek Week 2013

  • #1- Devin Townsend

  • #2: Mickey Hart

Considered as Rock music’s Einstein, this veteran geek recently collaborated with scientists from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory to create music out of astrophysical data of the Universe. The result was an amazing Psychedelic Rock / World music adventure titled “Mysterium Tremendum”.

  • #3: Roy Naufal

This next Metal Geek has been winning major Programming competitions in both Lebanon and the Middle East. He is musically known as the owner of Grind Studios, the General Manager of RockRing and the bassist for BloodInk.


  • #4: Arjen Anthony Lucassen aka Arjen Spacebreaker


1- Human Equation (summons all allies to the battle)

2- 01011001 (hacks into enemy brains and inflicts pure pleasure, distracting their senses for 2 hours)

3- Dream Sequencer (lowers enemy morals by tricking them into feeling very lonely, as if they were the last of their species)

Ultimate Skill: Instant Space Portal anywhere between 1970 and 2300

Gear: Ayreon, Star One, Guilt Machine, Ambeon.

  • #5: Roland Azar

This next Geek plays keyboards, wears glasses and works in the computer industry. You might know him as the sound engineer at local small Metal events, the keyboardist for Bandage and 1/3 of the Azar family music trio.

  • #6: Steven Wilson

One of the most respected names in Progressive Rock music today, this Geek has probably played on, sang, mixed and / or produced some of your favorite albums ever: Blackwater Park, Deadwing, The Never Ending Way of ORWarriOR, We’re Here Because We’re Here, Blackfield I, and the list goes on and on.

  • #7: Brian May

You know him as the guitarist of iconic Rock band Queen but Brian May has a PHD in Astrophysics from Imperial College London. He’s also the co-author of Bang! – The Complete History of the Universe.

  • Geek #8: Frank Zappa

Conductor, singer, guitarist, producer and film director, he is considered as one of the greatest minds of Rock music ever, but that’s expected since he has Lebanese origins in his blood!



That’s it! Since we got some positive feedback on our Facebook page, we’ll definitely make this a yearly thing from now on!