• Patrick Saad’s Top Release of June 2013

  • Bruce Soord with Jonas Renkse – Wisdom Of Crowds

Recommended: The Light


Another major musical collaboration in Prog Rock (after Storm Corrosion) features Jonas Renkse (Katatonia) and Bruce Soord (The Pinapple Thief) who have put out one of the most interesting albums of 2013, a mix of cold moods with Atmospheric Rock and Electronic!

For fans of: Katatonia, The Pinapple Thief.

  • Karim Koreitem’s Top Release of June 2013

  •  Scale the Summit – The Migration

Recommended: The Olive Tree, The Dark Horse, Atlas Novus.

Scale the Summit is an American progressive metal band based in Houston, Texas. The Migration is their fourth record, joining a list of records with an ever progressing sound.

After their brilliant work on The Collective (2011), it was realistically hard for them to deliver again. They did, however, as The Migration manages to capture very fresh ideas into fine crafted memorable tunes along with a new bassist. They did an excellent job in portraying powerful melodies a la The Collective (2011) with as high an intensity as found on their sophomore record Carving Desert Canyons (2009).

As expected, the album is a really unique mix of instrumental metal with extensive dual guitar tapping melodies and very prominent bass lines. Their guitar and bass solos feature beautiful lyricism throughout, as always.

Their new bassist, Mark Michell deserves special praise, though, as the bass work is tons of fun and holds its own just as well against the extraordinary bass work of their previous bassist Jordan Eberhardt.

Also, they’re excellent live!

For fans of: Instrumental Progressive Metal

  • Rami Rouhana’s Top Release of June 2013

  •  Summoning – Old Mornings Dawn

Recommended: Flammifer, Old Mornings Dawn

I am generally not a fan of Black Metal, but there are few bands who present magnificent work and this album by Summoning is IMPRESSIVE. It has a lot of Folk, tribal beats and ongoing ambient music along the growling.

For fans of: Enid, Estatic Fear.