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Tell us about the band’s latest news and next big project.

Chris: Well, we’ve already released some of our older compositions early this summer, just to give the fans a feel. You can check them out on our Facebook page and download them for free. We’re currently working on our first full length album, something that’s fresh, nasty, and fairly sexual. The new songs we’re writing are a bit different than the old ones, we’ve put a lot of time and effort experimenting new sorts of thing. That’s why we felt the need to add the ‘Q’. The band is called In Sanity Q now. But if we tell you why the ‘Q’ is there, we’d have to kill you. It’s top secret for the time being.


Free tracks download on ReverbNation:


  • Jerking Questions

  • Which do you consider the most useless instrument?

TonyThere are no useless instruments, but there’s one that gives me the creeps. It’s the flute.

  • Name the most annoying band member or musician you know or have in the band?

DannyWe have two equally annoying band members. The first one’s Johnny, because once he starts talking he never shuts up. He’s like a nagging woman sometimes. The second one’s Chris, but I don’t blame him much; he’s crazy. He has these weird philosophies about life, and the strangest opinions. He can be really annoying when he wants to prove something. There’s no way arguing with him.

  • Which music you never liked?

TonyI never liked R&B and all those other genres that sound like R&B. I don’t like dancing music in general. I’m not really the sort of person who does the ‘jiggy’, if you know what I mean. Chris likes some of that stuff. He was singing something about ‘popping some tags and having 20 dollars in his pocket’. I don’t know what the fuck he was singing.

  • What / Who is your muse and inspiration when composing?

DannyIt depends… I’d have an idea in my head, or I’d be observing something carefully. For example, I got my inspiration for our intro song ‘Kick Start’ from Tony filling up a glass of whiskey. I don’t know if anyone else noticed it, but ‘Kick Start’ sounds like something being ‘filled up’.

ChrisFor inspiration, I like to watch people and create suitable ‘song’ characters in my head. ‘Taxi’ and ‘Clown of the Town’ are good examples. Other times, and this is when it comes to our sexual songs, my muses are… you know who, right? Haha…

  • How would you kill a singer (using musical instruments and gear)? You can state your reasons too.

RamseyOh yes! That would be my pleasure! First I’d stick a drum stick up his ass, just to hear him scream, test his high pitch. Then, I’ll smash his head with a couple of ride cymbals. It will be a quick death, but hopefully a really painful one.

  • What is your favorite move on stage?

ChrisMy favorite move is the ‘hard core love’ move at the end of ‘She Wants My Sex’. Pure pleasure. So much pleasure.

  • Tell us about a memory from your childhood years.

ChrisI was sixteen years old. That’s like nine years ago. It was a Sunday, in June or July, and I was having barbeque with the family when I heard a knock on the door. My mother was the one who answered and then she told me that there are two guys outside who wanted to talk to me. I thought they were the kids next door who wanted to kick my ass for blowing up their beach ball. But it wasn’t them. The two guys waiting for me at the door looked like Beavis and Butthead. They had heard that I sang rock songs at a karaoke event, and they asked me if I’d like to be in a band. So we formed a stupid band, but in those days none of us really knew how to play. We became really good friends instead. Those douchebags were Danny and Tony. If it weren’t for that knock on the door, nine years ago, there would be no In Sanity Q.

  • Name a band that should reunite or an album that should be recorded again.

JohnnyI wish we could bring back people from the dead. If we could, I’d want Quiet Riot to reunite. Those guys were crazy.

  • Name a track you wish you recorded instead of the original artist.

JohnnyThe Real Me by The Who.

  • Is there something so random you would like to mention here?

ChrisWe would like to randomly thank Lebmetal.com for being so awesome and for jerking this interview. Also, we would like to randomly thank all those who have been supporting us for all this time, some of them whom we had sex with, some others whom we had beer with, and yet others whom we randomly met along the way. And for the days to come, In Sanity Q promises you a good time.