• News

Tell us about the band’s latest news and next big project.

John: We are currently in the studio writing the next ANURYZM record and we’re between pre-production and production stages. Miltiadis and I are finishing up the last tracks while we have bass and drums in full action. It is sounding pretty intense and we’re fully confident that this record is going to create waves in the region and beyond.

We are also prepping up for the Dubai Rock Fest which is in a few days. Looking forward to letting out some steam as we’ve been working really hard and dealing with a ton of stressful non-related music issues. We’ll be looking forward to let loose, give a powerful performance, and then hang with friends and fans afterwards.

Finally, Miltiadis is writing his next record for his solo project PRIVATE GOVERNMENT, which is also sounding really good. I’ve also been working with bits and pieces at writing the next ORDUM record.

  • Jerking Questions

1) Which instrument do you consider the most useless?

Triangle… I think every musician would agree with me on that. I tried saving its reputation by attempting to use it in the song ‘Worm’s Eye View’. But sadly when I did, the guys just gave me the look of absolute disapproval. So I had to retract…

2) Name the most annoying band member or musician you know or play with in the band?

Our singer Nadeem. He’s like the little kid brother you wish you didn’t have to take with you to the movies. Sometimes, he can also be a Hitler in the jam room. But we love him of course.

3) Which music you never liked?

Country music, rap &hiphop, and Arabic music. I respect them and some artists should really be given credit for being pioneers in the genre. But at the end of the day, music is something personal. And personally, those genres just don’t do it for me.

4) What / Who is your muse and inspiration when composing?

I don’t really have a muse. But I get really inspired and full of ideas when I travel to new places, or when I watch the stars on a clear night sky at my home in the mountains in Lebanon. It always motivates me to pull out my acoustic guitar and write something beautiful.

5) How would you kill a singer (using musical instruments and gear)? You can state your reasons too.

Bashing on the head with my guitar. I’d have to get pretty pissed to do something like that, and if I did, it would most likely be in the heat of the moment. Temporary insanity!

6) What is your favorite move on stage?


7) Tell us about a memory from your childhood years.

It was the day I finally learned how to ride a bicycle on two wheels. My dad was there guiding me through it. Changed my life!

8) Name a band that should reunite or an album that should be recorded again.

A band reuniting with the original members… Guns N’ Roses. Sadly, that might never happen…

An album re-recorded, and I mean this in a good way… ‘Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk’ by Emperor. That is such an amazing and intricate album that I wish they had gone into a better studio to record so that the instruments could be heard a lot more clearly. It already has that atmospheric vibe; I just would have loved for some of the tones and the overall mastering to be fixed. Is it so much to ask?!

9) Name a track you wish you recorded instead of the original artist.

Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd.

10) Is there something so random you would like to mention here?

Yea… what’s the difference between jerking an interview and jerking during an interview? So many questions…