• Tell us about the band’s latest news and next big project.

The album of my progressive metal project Amadeus Awad’s Eon is near completion and this really feels great.

I started working on my next solo album as well, and I might release some singles this summer.

  • Jerking Questions
  • Which do you consider the most useless instrument?

The computer.

  • Name the most annoying band member or musician you know or have in the band?

Oh that must be Elia Monsef, simply because he makes a lot of sense when I do not want him to haha, like when I want to make the wrong decision because I simply feel like it and I want him to support this and he would go NO NO NO, oh shut up Elia!!!

  • Which music you never liked?

All genres of dance music.

  • What / Who is your muse and inspiration when composing?

She is the universe.

  • How would you kill a singer (using musical instruments and gear)? You can state your reasons too.

I’d smash his head with the most expensive tube mic-preamp I have; No reasons when you are killing for fun. Or is it because he makes sense?

  • What is your favorite move on stage?

Umm, I am not sure I have one!

  • Tell us about a memory from your childhood years.

When I was a kid, I used to be fascinated with the voiced of the Azan at dawn, it was so musical and harmonious, breaking the silence of the night and echoing through the city.
When I grew up I found it to be very annoying when you are trying to sleep though.

  • Name a band that should reunite or an album that should be recorded again.

Pink Floyd should reunite and stay alive forever.

  • Name a track you wish you recorded instead of the original artist.

Stairway To Heaven!!!

  • Is there something so random you would like to mention here?

Kill Justin.