I was reading a medical article the other day when I stumbled upon the term ‘Metallosis‘ (=> the putative medical condition involving deposition and build-up of metal debris in the soft tissues of the body), so I thought it would be fun to compare Medical Metallosis to Metallosis which I define as the symptoms of being a Metalhead post-Moshpit.

Here are the symptoms of the Medical Metallosis from Wikipedia, I underlined the similarities with a Metalhead post-moshpit!

  • 1- Confusion وأير وين ختفى بوطي؟
  • 2- Feelings of malaise !مان كتير عجقة رح إختنق بدي اوكسيجين
  • 3- Gastrointestinal problems
  • 4- Emotional disturbance …هيداك قرطني دفشي طيرني، لا ني* عرضو هلأ بتشوف
  • 5- Recurring infections
  • 6- Dizziness والله مش قاشع قدامي
  • 7- Headaches O.o بطل عندي راس عالهيدبانج
  • 8- Problems in the nervous system (feelings of burning, tingling, or numbness of the extremities)
  • 9- Cobalt poisoning (skin rashes, cardiomyopathy, problems with hearing, sight or cognition, tremors, and hypothyroidism) –  مش سامع غير ززززززززززززززز

  • Final test results

Similarities: 6 / 9 (66.6%)

Conclusion: Moshpits have a high chance of causing Metallosis.