Today is Father’s day, so here’s a small list of 5 signs which MIGHT expose your dad as a Rocker.

  • 5 Signs your Dad was (probably) a Rocker

1- He always tells the story of how he used to beat up “the Punks” in the city with his friends.

.كنا نخبطن هول البنكجيه وقت الأحداث

2- He doesn’t think that having a vintage Pink Floyd vinyl is something out of the ordinary.

.كان عندي بعد أكتر بس كبيتون لأن ما في محل عالطتخيتي


3- He always reminds you that he too had long hair (or an afro) before he got bald due to family genes.

!أنا وقت كنت بعمرك كان شعري طويل كمان، إيه شو مفكر

4- He doesn’t like Haifa Wehbe nor Lebanese Pop music.

بشرفك هيدا فن أو فيلم بورنو؟


5- He instantly switches channels when a Nickelback video is showing while saying “What is this shit?! ” (he clearly has taste)

!ليك هالموسيقى ليك، وجع راس وبس


Happy Father’s Day!