• Patrick Saad’s Top Release of April 2013

  • Anciients – Heart of Oak

Recommended: Overthrone, Falling in Line.


As an American Sludge Metal band, Anciients has several big bands to look up to; Mastodon, Isis, Intronaut, Down, etc. What’s interesting though is that “Heart Of Oak” is just their debut album, but it’s so brilliantly composed that it immediately stands out as a strong contender for this year’s top albums! Expect something alongside Mastodon’s catchy songwriting and Intronaut’s heavy riffs.

The entire album can be streamed here: http://anciientriffs.bandcamp.com/

For fans of: Mastodon, Intronaut

  • Yves Nasrallah’s Top Release of April 2013

  • The Ocean – Pelagial

Recommended: Bathyalpelagic II: The Wish In Dreams, Hadopelagic II: Let Them Believe


There is no doubt that The Ocean are new the face of “post-metal”. Their latest concept album “Pelagial” is arguably their best delivery to date. It was meant to be released as an instrumental album at first, then lyrics were later added to the tracks, inspired by 1979 sci-fi film “Stalker”. The tracks are well layered, divided into seven “pelagial zones” (levels of oceanic waters), and as you “sink deeper”, the variety increases, and the whole concept of “Pelagial” becomes more obvious.

For fans of: Cult Of Luna, Mastodon