One of the oldest pubs in Broumana, Cheers Pub is still hosting Rock events and supporting local Lebanese bands in a place that’s relatively far from the coast. It’s safe to say that Broumana has an active nightlife with several good pubs, diners and even a hotdog place that stays open after midnight. Make sure to visit the area if you’re looking for entertainment outside urban Beirut.


Thursday’s event featured a live performance of Leakin’ Engine, a young and ambitious band who was playing at Cheers for the first time. The place was packed around 10:30 PM, with the majority of the attendees coming from nearby Beirut.


The event was a classic Lebanese get-together; friends and relatives meeting up to enjoy their night out, have some drinks and celebrate lead guitarist Elie Apoyan’s birthday. That’s one of the good things of watching Leakin’ Engine, they are comfortable as a band and they make sure the attendees are having a good time; whether it’s their fun attitude on and off-stage, the acoustic sing-alongs with the crowd or the varied setlist of old Rock and Metal, Leakin’ Engine are fun to watch.

Check out this live performance of their original song “Once Upon A Night”:

The 2 hour setlist included some Classic Rock and Heavy Metal covers for Black Sabbath, Judas Priest and Rainbow, whereas the band’s original material seemed to have more of an alternative / atmospheric Rock vibe, a style which they know well as they also cover Porcupine Tree’s “She’s Moved On” and Blackfield’s “Pain”. They also played some acoustic covers for Scorpions and Guns N’ Roses, which were definitely a crowd-pleaser.


Stay posted with Cheers Pub’s events as Leakin’ Engine will be playing there again soon.

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