Formed in 2008 in Paris, France, Sentence is a Progressive Death Metal band in the vein of Death, Cynic or The Faceless. Having released a demo in 2009 and an EP called “H.A.A.R.P” in 2010, they are back with their first full-length album “Everywhere”, featuring 56 minutes of technical metal, mixing a lot of influences.



Technical Metal is known for striking powerful first impressions that don’t last. Focusing too much on technicality and shredding riffs without delivering memorable songs is not that desirable nowadays. Sentence is one of those bands that must choose whether they want to write Prog Death Metal stuff like Death’s “Sound of Perseverance” or opt for something Tech Death like Necrophagist’s “Onset of Putrefaction”, too albums that fall in the Death Metal genre but are nothing alike.

First, check out the official video for “Everywhere”:

So in my opinion, Sentence is one of those bands that are technically proficient but are still finding their own formula. As “Everywhere” is their debut album, I can only say that they are definitely skilled musicians with solid influences. Similar to Death’s transition between say “Leprosy” and “Human”, Sentence must find that right balance between extreme technicality and good songwriting, otherwise they are risking being recognized as merely as “some Tech Metal band”.


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Eightfold Path and The Fall

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Death, Hieronymus Bosch, Obscura

Overall “Everywhere” showcases Sentence’s technical musicianship but sacrifices memorable songwriting in the process. It’s still however a heavy album with plenty of Metal to bang your head on, but is it enough to stand out internationally? You be the judge of that – share your comments.

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