• Patrick Saad’s Top Release of February 2013


Recommended: KUNST – Quake

Industrial Metal legends KMFDM are back with their 18th studio release entitled “KUNST”, an energetic album which proves that that power of Metal can fit well with the now popular 21st century digital wizardry. If you like the Red Alert 2 soundtrack or Rock / Metal game soundtracks in general, KUNST will definitely work for you.

For Fans of: Industrial Metal, Tania from Red Alert 2.

  • Rami Rouhana’s Top Release of February 2013

  • Pomegranate Tiger – Entities

Recommended: Entire album (Check the first 5 minutes of the below video).

Genius progressive instrumental work, technical drumming, guitar work and fluid skillful bass work. Definitely a unique creative album, it flows easily and does not get you bored.

For fans of: Animals as Leaders, Scale the Summit.