St. Metaltine’s Day was a musical celebration of one or more Metal saints named Metalentinus! Yes, I like where this is going. It is said  that one of these Metalentinus used to perform in several metal bands that were heavy as hell and who were not allowed to have their music heard because it was considered evil – but Metalentinus felt that there was a need for Metal in the world. These schmuck world rulers disagreed with him, however, and sent him to his death. Before his execution, he sent a letter to his own band members, signing “From your Metaltine”. The world was sad and devastated, and realized that what they had done was wrong, so they decided to praise his name every year and remember his story and that is how St. Metaltine’s Day was created!

So to honour our beloved Metaltine on this day of February the 14th, I have set a list of the greatest Metaltine songs that you and your personal Metal partner can share and make sweet hot metal all through the night *wink, wink*

  • Virgin Steele – Still In Love With You

The first song I ever heard for Virgin Steele, thanks to my metal partner! I instantly fell in love with the band afterwards. David DeFeis has such an intense voice, one that in this song will make you cry because you will feel his pain…”are you holding someone tight, THE WAY YOU USED TO HOLD ME?!” WOW! I died.

  • Motorhead – Love me Forever

That’s right folks, “the one you thought you’d never hear!” I have nothing to say about this song because it’s PERFECT! It’s just utterly fucking PERFECT. If you don’t listen to this, you’re a fool!!!!

  • Ronnie James Dio – As Long as it’s Not About Love

Dio is known for his brilliantly written lyrics that strike the heart with the hate and evil that he tries to portray and reveal the world by, with the “kings and queens who blind your eyes and steel your dreams” but we do not pay attention to his sweet side and I think this song is such a beautiful song and even though he says he is afraid of his heart, we all know it’s not true. Check out his hot woman, Wendie! haha

  • Opeth – Face of Melinda

Opeth have so many soothing songs, and they create an amazing picture in your mind. This song is beautiful, I only hope that your woman’s name is Melinda otherwise you’re getting a smack on head haha just kidding. She would love it, I can assure you!

  • Rainbow – Rainbow Eyes

Again, another song by Dio, this time with his band Rainbow! A song I love to listen to when I’m feeling down because it reminds me of the “spark” and brings peace to my heart.

  • Lita Ford – Hungry

Are you hungry?! No?…Ladies, prepare to STARVE them! Unleash the fucking beast! 😉

  •  Accept – No Time to Lose

I think this is one of the best love songs ever with the perfect title, because really, there is no time to lose in life  so when you find someone or even something that you really love you should never let it go!

  • Norther – Forever and Ever

Not your ordinary love song 😉 kick asssss!

  • Rush – Need Some Love

ooohhh I neeed some love, I said I need some LOVE! This feelin’ I can’t rise above!
Such an energetic typical Rush song! I was going to cover this once but it didn’t work out. Maybe I need to do that soon! Love love love this song!

  • Iron Maiden – Wasting Love

Weather this band sings about the beast, fucking space or love, they never seem to fail at making you shiver and feel a tingle down your spine. And now THIS. More like a bloody electric chock right through the heart! Great Metaltine song! 😉

  • Skid Row – I Remember You

I remember being obsessed with this song a couple of years back, and even though there really wasn’t someone that I missed it used to make me sad but feel all fuzzy inside because that Mr. Bach has a magnificent voice!!!! And the song is so pretty, giving you a lovely image in your mind that you want to keep envisioning over and over again.
“Love letter in the sand, I remember you…”

  • Helloween – In the Middle of a Heartbeat

Absolutely beautiful song! Highly recommended!!!!!!

  • Motley Crue – You’re All I Need

This song always makes me cry! Such a sad song but the music is unbelievably cheerful haha

  • Seventh Wonder – The Angelmaker

I don’t know what the fuck this is, but I just found it and for anyone who is into clean vocal and progressive music, then check them out!

And I ran out of ideas. I hope you have a rockin’ Metaltine everbody. I hope my list was pleasant to your ears!