• Patrick Saad’s Top Release of January 2013

  • Otep – Hydra

Recommended: Seduce & Destroy.


“Hydra” might be frontwoman Otep Shamaya’s last album with the band, but it’s definitely one of their best releases. Dark and heavy, “Hydra” slowly pulls you in like a disturbing horror movie with its eerie moods. You might call it creepy or even poetic, it’s just one of those albums that require a different state of mind.

For fans of: Horror, Dark Metal.

  • Karim Koreitem’s Top Release of January 2013

  • Encircle – Into The Dreamstate

Recommended: Into the Dreamstate, Confessor, You Were The Tempest, If the Day Should Come.

Encircle is a solo project by Anthony DiGiacomo, a musician from Florida. Into the Dreamstate is his second release, and the new album has shown a substantial improvement in sound over his previous release. The songs are all very fast paced, rhythm heavy songs with very enjoyable atmospheric and melodic parts here and there. The album is mostly riff driven. The song You Were the Tempest clearly stands out and demonstrates DiGiacomo’s skill on the acoustic as well. The last two songs of the album are co-written by Chris Vogagis.

In summary, one groovy technical record, with a couple of brilliant acoustic adventures. Also worth mentioning is Sarah Longfield’s guest solo on the song Into the Dreamstate. Keep an eye on her solo albums and band The Fine Constant.

The album is available for streaming and purchase here: http://encircle.bandcamp.com/

For Fans of: Progressive Metal