Final 24 is a Canadian documentary series which sheds light on the final events that resulted in the deaths of global icons.

Here’s the 4 Rock related episodes from Final 24:

1- Sid Vicious (2 February 1979)
2- Jim Morrison (3 July 1971)
3- Janis Joplin (4 October 1970)
4- Keith Moon (7 September 1978)


Each episode runs at approximately 50 minutes and uses interviews, archive footage and psychological analysis to uncover the mystery and details behind these tragic deaths.

The following is the description and video of the Jim Morrison episode:

“July 2, 1971. Jim Morrison is one of the most famous rock singers in the world. He’s also the ultimate sex symbol, but Morrison is at war with his own dark demons. In 24 hours his darkness will consume him and he’ll be dead. Using archive footage, dramatic reenactment and interviews with his closest companions, we detail the last hours of Morrison’s life and the gripping events that led to his tragic death in Paris.”