• Patrick Saad’s Top Releases of November 2012

  • Secret Sphere – Portrait Of A Dying Heart

Recommended: The Fall.


Italian band Secret Sphere reveal their late 2012 release which will definitely end up on several top Metal albums of 2012 lists. Filled with great musicianship from beginning to last, Portrait Of A Dying Heart is one of the best Symphonic Power Metal albums of 2012.

For fans of: Progressive Metal, Symphony-X.

  • Karim Koreitem’s Top Release of November 2012

  • Mestis – Basal Ganglia [EP

Recommended: Semilla, Menta, Te Mato and Luz y Cielo.


Mestis is the acronym innovative guitarist Javier Reyes used for his new solo project. Reyes is famous for being the lesser known member of the 8 strings guitars duo of progressive band Animals As Leaders and fusion band T.R.A.M with Tosin Abasi. 

Basal Ganglia is Mestis’ first EP and features 5 shorts songs clocking at around 16 minutes. It is not a 100% metal album strictly speaking, but it still involves metal riffing and is still of high interest to progressive fans. It also gives us a quick preview of how good a composer Reyes is and how much his creative mind has to offer. The album features Tosin Abasi as guest, David Stout on trombone, Hector Barez on percussion, and Matt Garstka on drums programming. 
The title of the album “Basal Ganglia” represents an important unit of the brain, read more here. The record displays a glimpse of an ocean of musicality and soul and you’ll notice that the music flow somehow mirrors the flow of a liquid. As I attempted to make the connection with the title, it seems that this liquid might be the blood flowing through our bodies.
The newer generation of progressive metal musicians surely are looking good.

For fans of: Instrumental Metal, Fusion.

  • Rami Rouhana’s Top Release of November 2012

  • Saturnus – Saturn in Ascension

Recommended:Wind Torn and Between.

After 6 years of no Saturnus releases, the band returns with again a skull crushing major hit, magnificent album. Saturnus have preserved their own unique style, fusing Doom and Deathby magic. The album has already received several positive reviews exceeding 8/10 rating on average and pleasing all fans. Saturnus have a touch of Gothic and folk in their music  they are not the typical doomsters. Check them out!

For fans of: Doom Metal and Death Metal.