• Patrick Saad’s Top Releases of September 2012
  • Dalriada – Napisten Hava

Recommended: A Dudás.

Dalriada‘s 8th studio album “Napisten Hava” is packed with memorable songs falling under the Folk Metal genre. Their sound is characterized by instruments like violins, tambourines, lutes and bagpipes, all-in-all creating one of the year’s best Folk Metal releases.

For fans of: Folk Metal.

  • Oak Pantheon – From A Whisper

Recommended: From A Whisper and Descend Into Winter.

Oak Pantheon’s new album “From A Whisper” is definitely recommended for fans of Opeth’s “Morningrise” and Agallosh. There’s lots of acoustic passages, “cold” atmospheric moods and Doom / Black Metal sections scattered throughout lengthy songs. If you’re into this style, make sure you check out Broken Limbs Recordings on Bandcamp.

For fans of: Agallosh, Opeth’s “Morningrise”.

  • Karim Koreitem’s Top Release of September 2012
  • To-Mera – Exile

Recommended: End Game, Broken, Surrender and Inviting The Storm.

To-Mera is a female-fronted progressive metal band formed in 2005, originating from the UK. They blend several diverse ideas ranging from jazz oriented musical or singing passages, bossa nova parts, to heavier more “traditional” progressive metal elements in a perfectly executed record. The piano/keys parts are very capturing throughout the album and you also get to experience some black metal influenced parts, for instance in the wild song End Game. Exile is their third release, four years after Delusions (2008) and shows the band has gained more depth and developed a distinct style.

For fans of: Progressive Metal.