Beehoover is a duo band consisting of Ingmar on Bass and vocals and Claus on Drums. These guys make music in the Stoner / Doom vain in their own very unique, energetic and interesting way. I gave their album “Heavy Zoo” one spin and it’s still spinning to date. Make sure check them out.

Here’s an interview with Beehover’s bassist Ingmar

  • How did the band get together?

We met in 2001 and realized that we share the same ideas about making music. We actually wanted to form a “normal” rock band with bass, guitar, drums and a singer but couldn’t find people to support our idea about a dominant bass. We then decided to try it without a guitar and recorded a demo in 2004 with a Rob Halford-type singer. The first recording with just the two of us was our EP in 2005.

  • How was the first album produced  Describe it to us.

We’ve always produced all our music ourselves and we own all the necessary equipment. It’s a part of the whole process of making music and putting it on a record. For the first album we rented a small house and recorded bass and drums there, vocals were recorded at Claus’ home. The album was mixed there too and mastered at Haford Mastering.

  • I noticed you have included a lot of history in Heavy Zooo album.Tell us why you have chosen such subjects?

We both have different approaches to writing lyrics. Ingmar is responsible for the historic stuff.He is interested in stories, heroes and assholes being forgotten.

  • What can you tell us about your latest released album Concrete Catalyst?

We tried to get more of a live sound on the record. And we’re always working on the idea of combining different moods, quiet and loud parts within one song in a fluent way.

  • Describe the fans of Beehoover? Are they crazy people?

People with an interest in music and bodies flexible enough to move to the grooves.

  • What is next for Beehoover ?

A couple more concerts this year and a new album next year.

  • Part 2

The following questions are random fun questions (part of “Jerking an Interview” article series…coming soon)

  • Most Useless Instrument ?

Drums and bass

  • Annoying band member? Or Musician?

Ingmar and Claus

  • Music you never liked?

Music that has no point, no goal, no inspiration.

  • Your Muse and Inspiration when composing?

Life offers more than enough inspiration.

  • How would you kill a singer (using musical instruments and gear)? You can state your reasons too.

Covering Oasis and Bryan Adams all day long.

  • Favorite move on stage

We’re both sitting on stage to avoid any movement.

  • A memory from your childhood years

There are some mentioned in our lyrics.

  • Name a band that should reunite or an album that should be recorded again.

Beehoover after reincarnation.