Comedy and satire have always been associated with Rock / Metal music – after all who can forget the legendary work of Frank Zappa with songs like Titties ‘n Beer, Tinsel Town Rebellion, Goblin Girl, Muphin Man and many more.

Musicians like “Weird Al” Yankovic also contributed to the Comedy Rock fame with funny parodies of popular Rock songs like Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” (Weird Al called it “Smells Like Nirvana”).


Here are some of the funniest Metal comedians out there today:

  • Steve Hughes

Steve is an Australian comedian who happens to be a Metalhead who had previously played drums with several bands. Armed with the Metal looks and attitude, his stand-up style has been described as “hard-edged social commentary at its best”!

Here’s a video of Steve from his early years as a comedian:

  • Jack Black

Jack is a famous American movie star with a long list of big screen appearances in movies like “The School Of Rock”, “Nacho Libre”, “Tropic Thunder” and most importantly “Tenacious D in The Pick Of Destiny”. His band Tenacious D is currently one of the most popular Comedy Rock bands out there.

Here’s the famous Kickapoo clip from “Tenacious D in the Pick Of Destiny”:

  • Jim Breuer

Jim is an American comedian who’s most known for his time on Saturday Night Live. He has imitated famous Metal musicians like Ozzy and Rob Halford on his live performances and has always been closely related to Metal music. He even presented the Metallica’s 30th Anniversary show in 2011.

Here’s a video of Jim performing his “Metal” versions of kids’ songs:

  • Nemr Abou Nassar

Nemr is one of the most widely known stand up comedians in the Middle East. It so happens that he’s a Metalhead who plays guitar and loves bands like Death. He also hosted numerous local Lebanese Metal events like Summer Fusion 2010 and Hail! Live in Lebanon 2012 among others!

Here’s a funny video of Nemr talking about a famous Lebanese singer:

  • Andrew O’Neill

Andrew is a comedian / Metalhead who’s a regular on festivals like Download, Bloodstock and Sonisphere. He has also hosted the Metal Hammer Golden Gods awards and writes a column for Terrorizer magazine. 

Here’s a funny video of Andrew at Melbourne Comedy Festival Gala 2010: