Coexistence is a French / Swedish Metal band which started off in 2008 with an online collaboration between guitarist Grégory Giraudo and vocalist Carl Lindquist, and later evolved into a full band with a mutual interest in Progressive Metal music.


They released their debut album entitled “Flow” on July 31st 2012 to worldwide audiences under the CD Inzane LLC label. You can purchase the album by visiting any of the following links: CD Inzane, CD Baby, Century Media and CD Universe.


Make sure you check out the official trailer of the album below and visit the band’s website HERE to stream 3 entire songs from the album!

  • Interview with Grégory Giraudo from Coexistence
  • So tell us a bit about what the band went through since it started in 2008 to currently having a record deal and a full length debut entitled “Flow” distributed worldwide.

To sum it up quickly, we formed the band as a duet first with Carl (Lead Singer) and I (Guitar Player) in August 2008 and worked right away on our first EP entitled Carrion Comfort, released in June 2009. We had a tremendous feedback so that encouraged us in moving forward and eventually recruiting other members to complete the line-up and form a real band. We did some shows here in south of France, while working on the songwriting. We entered the studio in July 2010 for the recordings of Flow, our first album and it took us an entire year to get everything done. With this album in hand we started looking for a label to promote and distribute us and we finally found CD Inzane, who were very excited and interested in working with us. That’s the quick version of the story 😉

  • What are your musical influences as a band? Some would recommend your music to fans of Prog bands like Dream Theater, Symphony-X, Threshold and Wolverine.

We are huge fans of Dream Theater and Symphony X, and those 2 bands have influenced us tremendously. But we have a long list of different influences, bands like Evergrey, Pain of Salvation, Iced Earth. Each member of the band has specific influences but those bands are probably the biggest influences for Coexistence as a whole.


  • How’s the hype after releasing the album worldwide? Are you getting the kind of exposure you hoped for?

It’s a bit early to tell, since the album is just being released now. CD Inzane is doing a great job at pushing us into a lot of different distribution medias that we would never had the chance to touch on our own. We’ll see in a couple of months if the album is doing well or not. We’re certainly crossing each one of our fingers here, and work hand in hand with the label on the promotion side of things.

  • All reviews of the album have been positive so far but it seems like music fans are expecting more from you based on your potential, which is actually a good sign. Do you feel like the songs could have been better crafted? Are you considering refining your style on your second album?

Reviews have been mostly great for Flow, which is a great feeling for us. Like you said, I think people felt the potential we have in the band. We are still a young band, and Flow is just our first album, and you need to take that in consideration. We are growing as musician, songwriters and as a band. At the time we made Flow, I don’t think we could have done it that much better honestly. We really did our best on this one, but obviously when you look back at it some months after, you start to think about all the things you could have done better or differently, but it’s always like that. We’re proud of Flow, and it’s a great debut album for us. We’re already hard at work on the second album, and the songwriting has definitely evolved and improved since the first one. It’s just a natural evolution, and we’re very excited about it.

  • Are you planning any upcoming tours to support “Flow” or are you busy working on the second album (scheduled to be released in 2013)?

We are busy finishing the songwriting for the second album right now, and also are workin on planning some shows at the same time, but a real tour isn’t planned at the moment. We just can’t afford doing that on our own for now. The goal right now for a band like us is to focus on trying to get festival dates and opening slots, to expose us to a bigger audience that doesn’t know who we are. That’s the only way to get some real valuable exposure. And that’s what we’re gonna work on right now.

  • Any last words for Coexistence fans?

Thanks for the support and we hope you’re gonna love Flow as much as we loved making it. It’s music that comes straight from the heart and we hope you’re gonna feel our passion through those songs. Stay tuned for more, cause the second album will come before you know it !

Band photos by Roxane Veissière

Cover artwork by Alexandre Bonvalot

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