• Patrick Saad’s Top Release of April 2012

  • Anathema Weather Systems 

RecommendedThe Gathering Of The Clouds and The Storm Before The Calm.

Drawing from the same positive energy that shaped their previous album “We’re Here Because We’re Here”, Anathema’s “Weather Systems” is a proof of their current composing peak. Expect catchy melodies and buildups, more musicianship (fast guitar finger picking) and even some electronic experimentation.  

For fans of: Atmospheric Rock.

  • Karim Koreitem’s Top Release of April 2012

  • The Isosceles Project – Bridges

RecommendedTemporal Laceration, March of the Obsolete and Ship Without a Sail.

The Isosceles Project is an instrumental Progressive Metal band, formed in 2007, from Toronto, Canada. Bridges, their second full-length album, clocks in at around 38 minutes and consists of three songs only. As you can expect, the songs are very lengthy at 10 minutes each at minimum, but provide what few other bands out there are able to achieve: unique consistent songs that form individual units without getting too boring or draggy. While the “key” elements we tend to find in progressive metal such as technical playing and odd time signatures are there, the band is mostly “progressive” because of the amount of expression that is released from their unique riffs, solos, bridges, etc. The guitar work is very tasty and the bass hits a perfect balance between melodic and rhythmic playing. And all of this doesn’t overshadow the drum work one bit. I highly recommend checking out their first album as well. 

For fans of: Instrumental Progressive Metal, Progressive Metal, Scale the Summit, Cynic.

  • Rami Rouhana’s Top Release of April 2012

  • Arjen Lucassen – Lost In The New Real

Recommended: Parental Procreation Permit and Pink Beatles in a Purple Zeppelin.


If you are not familiar with Arjen Lucassen or at least Ayreon, shame on you. Arjen Lucassen is the brain behind Ayreon/Guilt Machine/Star One and now the time have come for him to release his solo album “Lost In The New Real” with influences from Pink Floyd / Led Zeppelin / The Beatles and many others. This album is a double disc with twenty tracks including some perfected cover tracks.

(Ayreon is a musical project under which Arjen released seven albums featuring the following artists: Anneke van Giersbergen/Bruce Dickinson/Damian Wilson/Daniel Gildenlöw/Devin Townsend/Devon Graves/Floor Jansen/James LaBrie/Jasper Steverlinck/Jørn Lande/Mikael Åkerfeldt/Neal Morse/Robert Westerholt/Russell Allen/Sharon den Adel/Simone Simons/Timo Kotipelto/Tobias Sammet/Michael Romeo/Derek Sherinian/Jens Johansson and many more…)

For fans of: Progressive Rock, Transatlantic and The Flower Kings.