It’s quite refreshing when a female-fronted Metal band goes for something different from the typical Symphonic genre that’s usually associated with “women in Metal”. Notable bands are Melodic Death Metal band Arch Enemy with Angela Gossow, Jazz Metal band Aghora with Danishta Rivero / Diana Serra and Norwegian Progressive Metal band Madder Mortem with Agnete M. Kirkevaag.


“Where Dream And Day Collide” is the band’s most recent EP released in 2010 and featuring 3 new tracks and both an album version and a single edit version of “Where Dream And Day Collide” from their previous 2009 full length “Eight Ways”.


  • Tracklist

1- Where Dream & Day Collide (single edit version)
2- Jitterheart
3- The Purest Strain
4- Quietude
5- Where Dream & Day Collide (album version)

Their style shares similarities with Jazz and Swing/Tango (think Diablo Swing Orchestra) but the vocals are what separates this band from others. Agnete’s beautiful voice brings an intensity that blends in with the moods on the EP. Whether accompanying the frenzy riffs of “Jitterheart” or the soft soothing ambiance of Quietude, she adds a whole new layer to the band’s already rich melodies, experimental soundscapes and creative musicianship. As far as Jazz influences go, this EP is similar to the serene passages most akin to Opeth (their touring partners), from the excellent drumming and guitar licks to the groovy basslines.

I would certainly recommend “The Purest Strain” for first-time listeners, it’s terribly catchy and will appeal to fans of Avant-Garde, Jazz and most definitely Metal. Here’s the video of the song:

The EP opener “Jitterheart” is a real tour-de-force, but I personally thought “The Purest Strain” works as a stronger opener. However, “Jitterheart”‘s opening 17 seconds are enough to get any Metalhead into this band, mainly because of the vivid riffing style. In fact, the song is a good representative of the EP in general, it captures the best moods from all the other songs and is definitely captivating.

Last but not least, the title track is my favorite on this EP, and the band definitely reinforces that by also including its official video with the package. Agnete’s vocal work is at its finest here and the song’s flow showcases the unique character of this band, along with their creative artwork and video whose credits go to Christian Ruud, Kim Holm and the people at Toxic.

Check out the official video of “When Dream And Day Collide”:

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