On Saturday January 14th, we went to The Quadrangle Pub in Hazmieh to attend the previously announced Rock event organized by LYC (Lebanese Youth Center). Quadrangle is another pub near Beirut organizing Rock events with a decent stage set up and good quality sound. We had the chance to set up the LebMetal.com stand where we sellslocal bands CDs and shirts. We would like to thank the organizing team LYC who’s supporting the Lebanese bands by asking the LebMetal.com to set up a stand in all of their events. We would like to thank the pub management for providing a very nice spot for the stand and allowing it to be there.

  • Chain Reaction

The first band quickly started the event at 10:10 PM playing, as promised, Classic Rock tracks from the 80’s and 90’s for Bon Jovi, Europe and others. The band had a great performance, especially when it comes to lead guitar solos and the beautiful lead singer’s voice (it seemed to have some similarity to Bruce Dickinson’s).The band performed some hits from the past, ones that we have totally forgot about today, like “Separate Ways” by “Journey”, and are sure to be a first listen to the crowd, which mostly had very young people, the new generation of Lebanese Rockers.

  • Bassic Trouble

The second band started at 11:20PM after some late post soundcheck. What caught my attention was mainly the drummer who played with fine technique. The band was well synchronised while performing Hard Rock music. The vocalist didn’t seem to fit easily in the music; he has a strong voice, but it just didn’t blend with the music being played. I’m not quite sure, but this band seemed to jam a bit from time to time along each track and the crowd enjoyed the show, clapping along some tracks.

  • Psycho Circus

The third and last band for the night performing 80’s Rock was Psycho Circus. The band obviously was enjoying their time spent on stage, performing well and playing a bit on the intruments with some “Nokia Melody” and other catchy melodies in the middle of the tracks. There were some really enjoyable guitar solos and funky bass lines. Again for Psycho Circus, the vocalist didn’t seem to match the music.

Check the event pictures on Facebook HERE.