Last time I checked, some international artists proved to be unreachable for “Photos with the Fans”, they might not like the flashing cameras and crowded entourage, or they don’t like photos being taken at all. Other artists refuse to take pictures with the fans, probably because of an EGO issue.

Alan Azar is one music fan and artist who has managed to take pictures with most of those rarely accessible giants, but with a price to pay (a passionate life to live).

I was lately amazed by Alan’s pictures with his idols, the most recent of which was Joe Satriani, holding Alan’s latest album “The Cosmologist“.

Alan has worked very hard to get here, studying / practicing guitar and professionally playing / performing for over ten years. Alan has produced two albums, “Defective Harmony” and “The Cosmologist” respectively. He has also participated in international guitar workshops conducted by international guitar players and has given several workshops in Lebanon in which he teaches his techniques.

He currently performs material from his albums and some covers of Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and others with his band. He’s also the second guitar player in the Lebanese band “The Kordz“.

Here are other pictures of him with Steve Morse, John Petrucci and Micheal Romeo receptively.

Send us your pictures with your favourite artists (not photoshoped) on and we will post it in a special album.