Ray Heberer is a 16 year old musician from Taiwan, who just released his first EP “Winter Solstice” (available for free download HERE), under the project name “Bloodred Fullmoon.” Ray’s also working on multiple projects with styles ranging from melodic Black Metal to Prog and Doom Metal.


The 24 minute “Winter Solstice” is full of aggressive riffs and growls that show great potential for a first EP. Ray’s composing is solid and shows experience and musical background, as the only thing lacking on this EP is quality production.

Here’s an interview with Ray that’ll give you more insight on his background and current musical activities.

  • Tell us a bit about your musical background.

I have received extensive classical training. I started taking piano lessons at the age of 5, and continue to this day. I specialize in Romantic to Contemporary classical music, and my favorite composers for piano include Scriabin, Rachmaninov, and Debussy. At the age of 8, I began playing the cello, but switched to the double bass after 2 years. In October 2008 I began playing the electric bass, refining my technique by learning alternative rock songs by bands such as Muse, Radiohead, and The Strokes. In the beginning of my freshman year (2009), I joined the jazz band, and that is now the genre which I am most proficient with on bass.


I currently play bass in the Taipei Jazz Orchestra, which (with me as the one exception) is comprised of adult musicians who have all graduated college. On the eve of the new year of 2009 I bought an acoustic guitar, and one month later bought an electric guitar. Through that I explored the metal genre, and eventually began composing in it. Aside from this, I have also had some experience with Ghanaan percussion, trombone (in 5th and 6th grade), and the drum set. I am currently enrolled in the higher level international baccalaureate music course, which teaches theory, music history, composition, and performance. Aside from this, my theory knowledge is around the level of the grade 5 standard of the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music, as I successfully took that exam in 2007.

  • About Bloodred Fullmoon, how and when did the recording take place? Are you signed with any label?

The Bloodred Fullmoon recordings took place in my own, cluttered room using an effects pedal and a direct interface. The vocals were recorded by Jurgen Haindl in Germany and sent to me via mp3 files. I programmed the drums and synths, and put the songs together on ACID pro. There are some discrepancies in the quality, because it was recorded in different time periods from late 2010 and throughout 2011. Overall, the project was very casual. Each one of the songs took less than 3 hours to compose, and the recording sessions were not strict at all. My goal was to make a fun, headbangable release: nothing too special, just something averagely decent. I believe I have accomplished that. Currently, I am associated with the Australian indie label Clean State Records. Although I release many things, Bloodred Fullmoon EP included, for free, the label still helps me promote and reach listeners. It is probably the best I could ever hope for in terms of musical freedom and support regardless of potential profit, and I know Clean State Records will gain more influence as time passes.


  • As a musician with several projects, what are your future goals?

Before I graduate in 2013, I would like to complete the 3 full length albums I am currently working on with my projects Dreams of Winter, Haemic, and Reclusive Forest Council. Inevitably, I will be involved as a session musician or collaborator in several other releases. Also, I have some plans to do a full length Bloodred Fullmoon release, and assemble a band to play the songs live. In general, I wish to be as prolific as I can while maintaining quality, and would like to just follow through and complete what I start. I don’t give much thought as to where I would like to see myself in terms of having a following; I believe these sorts of things will develop naturally as I release more music.

  • For a more general question, how’s the Metal scene in Taiwan? Have you have any performances there to date?

Taipei has a pretty small, yet tight-knit metal scene. It’s very easy to keep up to date with local shows, and the bands are generally very technically skilled. In my opinion, there is often a lack of originality, but the dedication is there, and the technique is often better than well-known European or American bands. I have not yet performed, because my schedule as a high school student does not allow much time to organize a band. I have offered out my services as a touring or replacement guitarist or bassist to the local scene, so hopefully I should get a few calls soon.


  • Any last words for those looking for new talents out there?

In general, just give people a chance! I receive tons of random messages all over the internet asking me to take some of my time to checking out someone’s music or band. I met many of my collaborators in this way, and wouldn’t have any of the support I have now if no one decided to give me a chance and look into the music I shared with them. The musician I would like to recognize as an inspiration is Adrian von Ziegler. Please look him up, he is very prolific and young, having already released 4 albums. He has a diverse range of compositions spanning from Celtic, to orchesral, to gothic, to chill-out music. Also, I would like to recognize Oliver Hirama as a friend who has inspired me with his excellent philosophy about seizing the moments life has to offer and not wasting your opportunities. Hopefully, my music will provide enjoyment to people. I sincerely thank you so for your time.