From the deepest caves of the underground comes a band with a catchy style, a band of which almost no one out of Poland and Yemen ever heard of, a band that’s deeply rooted in both African and Middle Eastern cultures while incorporating European musical styles. With a vocalist from Yemen and a group from Poland, Soomood is one unique band.

Once in a while (sometimes a long while), an interesting album comes into the market as a starting band’s fresh debut. Yes it takes a lot of time for the record to gain recognition, sometimes coming out with a bang and launching the band to stardom, and other times leaving the band unknown only to be worshiped by a legion of dedicated fans.

Soomood deserves recognition at least in the Middle East because we are the people who can easily relate to the Middle Eastern blend of music and appreciate the creative work of such a band.


The self-titled album “Soomood” and its lyrics are just about that Soomood (meaning ‘resilience’ in Arabic language). We are people who suffered countless wars and invasions and we still stand.

What distinguishes Soomood from other bands is the work and creativity put into one album, which can be described as pop catchy but at the same time respected work ranging several genres.

More videos can be viewed on this Youtube channel.

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