Shant Bajac is a professional guitar player and a jury member at the local GBOB 2011 competition. This interview is about the recent Heat #5 at Nova Pub as well as Shant’s current musical projects.

  • If your band was competing in GBOB, what do you think guarantees your win?

Originality, good performance, good stage presence and appearance. People are bored from déjà vu bands. It’s not hard to be original as long as you are talented.

  • Do you think music theory is important?

Music theory is required according to the style of music the band plays. Some styles don’t necessarily require deep knowledge of theory.

  • How did you find Nocturna, Tormented and Al Dahaka’s performance?

I did not hear originality; they did it with passion though.
Al Dahaka are all good players, they have harmony and groove, but they should work on their sound. In fact all the bands should work on fixing their sound, they should give feedback to the sound engineer, and the engineer should be responsible of helping the musician to get the sound he is looking for. The engineer is not the only one to be blamed if things go wrong.
Band members should upgrade their instruments & bring their own amps & throw the multi-effect pedals in the garbage.


  • Tell us more about your past and current musical projects.

I’ve played with Thrash Metal band Blaakyum in 1998, Rock/Metal band Silverwave in 2000, and Rock band Root 66 in 2002. I currently play soul/funk/jazz with Nadine Has Got Soul, we perform twice per month at Razz’zz Music Club in Clemenceau street, and every other Thursday at Habana restaurant in Sarba.


  • What about Mozart Chahine School of Music? What can we learn there?

Mozart Chahine School Of Music is recognized as being one of the leading music schools in Lebanon in Classical, Modern, and Oriental music.

It is licensed by the Lebanese Ministry of Education & students can get an official certificate.
The Curriculum includes all kind of instruments in addition to musical theory to all ages starting from 7 months old children.

In 2007, we signed a master franchise contract with the German based Modern Music School to start schools in Lebanon & the Middle East, offering contemporary teaching concepts.

The Modern Music School has an exclusive partnership with the Musicians Institute (M.I.) in Los Angeles & is its official preparation school.

We currently have more than 500 students.

You can find more information on that on our website