Nathalie Jeha (a.k.a Nathalie Bandage) is the vocalist of Bandage and a member of ‘Better’ Fly’ advertising group. Nathalie has already hosted GBOB 2011’s heat #1, 2, 3 4 and was a jury member at the 4th heat.

This is another interview done with the GBOB jury members to talk about the judging points, the performing bands and the current judge’s musical related activities.

  • What do you mainly focus on when judging the performing bands?

I mainly focus on the overall performance which sums up a total impression. I although try to focus on the music quality and relate that to the international requirement. Being a vocalist I definitely follow up each band’s vocalist, because that’s my specialty.

  • What do you think about tonight’s (heat #4) bands: Imaginism, DDA, Monarchy and Episode?

Imaginism have good composing skills but they need to acquire more stage experience.

DDA were very good, they still need to improve by evolving.

Monarchy have big potential. I believe in Omar’s voice but he still has a lot of work to do to improve his vocal performance.

Episode… well, we need more bands like them. They are very original, very unique. Avo (violin player) is a star. I feel that they need a keyboard player and a vocalist on board. The music seems a bit dry.


  • What happened with the girls jingle project?

I auditioned for the project and I was chosen to be part of the group, we did our first jingle and it was a success, we will be meeting very soon to work on our next project.

  • Tell us about ‘Better’ Fly’… What kind of services are available to bands?

We are a group of graphic designers and photographers; we design flyers, brochures, album art and other things. We are currently cooperating with bands and venues and we have arranged deal with a printing press. We give local bands 50% off on the work done. We are actually a crew of metalheads so we really like supporting the bands. So far, we have worked with Roswell, Bandage, Alan Azar and Nova pub.

  • What are the current activities of Bandage? What is the current line-up?

The lineup is:

Me on vocals, Roland Azar on Keyboard, Tony Abou Haidar on Drums, Hady Battikh on Guitar and Tony Bou Ghosn on Bass.

We will be performing live very soon; we are currently only performing at private events. We have our original material done and ready as in music and lyrics. We will start recording soon in Roland’s private studio. We will be performing at Festival Deir el Amar on August 13th.