• The event began with “epiSode“, a “symphonic progressive” band (as they name their genre). Formed of 3 members, a violinist, drummer, and a bassist, the band played an uncommon style, mixing a classical sound with a bit of progressive music. Fans of Apocalyptica and Vivaldi would’ve surely enjoyed the show. As the frontman/violinist was explaining, each song of epiSode is an episode in life, be it birth, childhood, or any other. The guys were well prepared and got the audience dazzled. What was actually cool was the bass. You could actually hear the bass lines solo for once, plus the guy was also bass-tapping, something we don’t encounter usually in local concerts. All in all, they played a nice 45-minute set with moods ranging from sadness to reflection to content. Be sure not to miss them in their upcoming shows: Fete de la Musique on June 21st & GBOB on July 2nd.

    Photography credits go to Frank Oueis


  • Next up were, with no doubt, a band that would top all other local rock bands. Featuring members from Oath to Vanquish, Farewell, and The Arcane, “Amy Smack Daddy” gave one mind-blowing groovy show.

    Amy Smack Daddy
    Covering the likes of Muse, Depeche Mode, Michael Jackson and others, the band made the crowd go wild through their entertaining tunes. They had it all, the performance, the attitude, the communication with the crowd. A true rock band.

    Amy Smack Daddy

  • Last but not least, “The Arcane“, one of the ‘oldest-and-still-running’ Lebanese bands. Having seen them live for the first time in 2006 opening for the Italian gothic metal band Macbeth, my impression was tenfold the previous one, which was in itself unmistakably spectacular.

    The Arcane
    What more could you expect from an 8-member band fusing rock, gothic, classical music, French & English lyrics, male and female vocals, violin tunes with guitar solos? They played tracks from their first 2 albums and from their upcoming 3rd album.

    Too bad some people were beginning to leave early. The latest album, Rivers of Endless Sorrow, is definitely worth checking out.