It all started back in 22312 B.C. when two bands decided to start a fight. Back then the only available instruments were tongue and but cheek. It was renamed “battle” in 1960 A.D by court order for it was associated with the fight for rights of the black people. For better information check GBOB -> official website <-

P.S: Due to the lack of bands, Mars will be competing as one nation.

Heat #2 was a special night featuring two bands with a very similar music style and one unique band which ended being a one man show. This article will be inspired by the stand-up comedy presented by Nemr Abou Nassar (Victorious Secret).

Like most heats that will follow, this heat was held in the most currently active “Metal supporting” pub: Nova Pub. We got so familiar with the place that it feels just like home. The sound system was very good and satisfying therefore not much comment is needed on the sound, which also goes for the bands. The place was packed at 9:45 PM, as everyone was waiting for some action which started a few minutes later as a short video was played on the projection screen, which showed comments of bands who had competed in past international final GBOB events.

As the first act of the night, Limelight hit the stage with their originals that are more or less in the style of Coldplay, Maroon 5, U2 and such bands. Limelight have got the attitude as well as a solid band performance, and their high quality equipment gives them the ability to showcase great clean effects from their Fenders. With good energy and vocals, the band’s almost flawless performance showed confidence from the first few moments. Limelight has big potential and the ability to attract label investments and media.


Mancer Dust was the second competing band, with originals closer to bands like Creed, Pearl Jam and others. Mancer Dust presented creative melodies and nice guitar solos but they failed to shake off the tension within them. They seemed slightly nervous, largely due to their drummer leavingthe band a few days before the event. Veracity Hour drummer Rudy Fares stepped forward as a replacement and practiced with the band a few times times before he was able to play along all the originals with his creative distinctive style of drumming.


Victorious Secret, supposedly formed of stand-up comedian Nemr Abou Nassar, guitar virtuoso Elias Njeim and drumming virtuoso Ziad Alam. Nemr apologized on behalf of the other members for they could not be there and perform, due to being sick. Nemr didn’t quit and he decided to make it a one man show playing guitar, singing some funny lyrics and pausing to do some stand-up comedy, inspired by the great iconic Justin Beiber. Of course Nemr named the show “Comedy Riffage”, a concept created 2 hours earlier as Nemr explained. The comedy will go too far to get a granny angry from the awful topics such as the farting experience and the love of our country Lebanon.


As in every heat, the bands went on stage for the second time for the jury to finally pick their band of choice. Winner of heat#2 was announced “Limelight”.


You can find 313 pictures of the event on the Facebook page.