• Amer Alameddine

Before going to the event I had no idea what to expect, but when it was over, the everyone left the event with a great impression of Bandage.

Satori was the opening act consisting of Serj Panossian on the bass and Omar Abi Ghosn on the guitar and vocals. The two played acoustic covers of songs like Unforgiven II and Enjoy the Silence, starting the night with a calmer atmosphere. They played well, the sound was great and clear, and the crowd was satisfied with their performance.

Up next was the act that everyone was waiting for; Bandage, the main band of the event. Now when a band decides to make a comeback after a while without playing live, people would be uncertain of how an event is going to turn out regardless of how experienced that band is. However, this uncertainty was pushed aside when the band hit the stage. Their performance was full of energy and everyone clearly enjoyed it. There was great chemistry among the band members, and Nathalie’s charisma and crowd-interaction made the performance even better. The members were all skilled at what they do making the performance seem more natural. The band covered material from several time periods in rock history including songs by Pink Floyd, The Doors, Bon Jovi, and The Offspring. The sound of all the instruments was loud and clear. Overall, the event was unarguably a decent one, and Bandage made a great comeback

  • Rami Rouhana

I got there a bit early while bandage where doing the sound check and Serj was sitting in front of them holding his bass guitar eagerly waiting for his sound check with Omar.Everyone seemed really ready for the big night !

Before Bandage, Satori went on stage !



I really liked Omar’s vocal performance. I although noticed that Serj needs some more practicing on his bass guitar, especially the finger picking technique. Serj and Omar were nicely synchronized through all the performance. Serj lost a bit of focus when someone was photographing him! I really liked the performance of Unforgiven II, Omar really sets that melancholic dark mood with his voice in it.

Enjoy the silence by Depeche Mode was one of the most impressing performed covers, Satori gave the track a new style far from the eight original editions released by Depeche Mode or any other covers.


I will not be reviewing every song >> fifteen song were played.

Bandage started with the track “Wicked Game” by “Chris Isak” of course known as the cover of “H.I.M.”. I liked the bass guitar lines, they are simple and basic in the original they were played more lively and dynamic by Rany Batikh.

I could not hear the keyboard enough yet and was waiting for a never disappointing Roland Azar Solo.

I usually sound like “Simon” in my reviews, but I fail to be like that with Bandage on stage. After all they are anything but “Rubish” 😛

One of the tracks was cover of Scorpions’ “Holiday” it was played straight forward at the beginning then closer to the acoustic version.

The Doors “Light my Fire” was next and Roland had his moment of key solo finally!

A lot of people were screaming “Pink Floyd ” and the reason for that is simple; Bandage plays Pink Floyd greatly. “Coming back to life” was the first Pink Floyd cover played. Nathaly sang it with the right impression of feelings and then a jaw dropping guitar solo by Issam Abed El Nour, powerful drum beat by Tony Abi Haydar teasing your heart to follow. I am expecting a new Gilmour in the upcoming originals of bandage.

Its my life for Bon Jovi was played. It is always available in Bandage’s play list. The crowd liked it; it is so mainstream. I like the track, still dont think it suits the band.

Gone with the Sin of H.I.M. is another track that I found less suitable for the band.Still I really liked the creative bass lines played by Rany Batikh.


A guest vocalist was announced and her name is Mona Bassil: Mona sang with Nathaly “I was born to love you” by Queen.

For me Mona seemed more than a guest, she fitted well with the band and her voice really vibed well with the voice of Nathaly.

There is no need to review anymore, khalas (enough!) Performance 10/10! Mni7 heek ?!(is that Good ! ? )

Any one that claims me wrong, please justify!

Sound is good 8/10.

I wish one local metal concert had that sound quality…. I think there is hope!