• Patrick Saad’s Top Releases of March 2011

  • Obscura – Omnivium

Highlights: Septiagint and Celestial Spheres.


Positives: Obscura delivers another technical death metal gem after their praised Cosmogenesis. From bass solos to acoustic parts to clean vocals, this album mixes beauty and brutality in one extreme package.

For fans of: Necrophagist and Psycroptic.

  • Sylosis – Edge of the Earth

Highlights: Empyreal and A Serpent’s Tongue.

Positives: One of the few bands who succeed in crossing thrash/death metal with metalcore while appealing to both fan bases. “Edge of the Earth” will definitely draw your attention.

For fans of: Soilwork and Becoming The Archetype.

Highlights: Unchain My Soul and Masquerade.

Positives: Epic orchestrations, melodic metal with soaring vocals and the occasional death growls, this album might just be their best!

For fans of: Narnia and Mercenary.

  • Amer Alameddine’s Top Releases of March 2011

  • Whitesnake – ForeverMore

Highlights: Love Will Set You Free, and Tell Me How

Positives: Whitesnake are one of the few 80’s bands that still manage to deliver hard rock at its best. Their latest offering contains some heavy guitar-driven riffs, and has a blusier sound than it’s predecessors and features some slide work thrown in some parts. This album is definitely worth listening to.

For fans of: Van Halen and Dokken