In this article I will be reviewing five of the best tracks I have heard, all in the metal genre. Enjoy!

  • Winds – Theory of Relativity (4:45)

Winds is a Norwegian progressive metal band with symphonic elements. Its members are vocalist Lars Eric Si (Jack In A Box, Before the Dawn, Khold), guitarist Carl August Tidemann (Arcturus, Tritonus), drummer Hellhammer (Jan Axel von Blomberg) (Mayhem, Arcturus, The Kovenant) and keyboardist Andy Winter (Age of Silence) (from

The track starts with a symphonic intro performed by string instruments while seconds later the “metal” instruments steps in with a classic melody and a slow drum tempo. Guitar is clearly Yngwie inspired with a touch of progressiveness; clean guitar also fill the middle of the track alongside a bluesy solo. Still, the unexpected is still to come, with double bass drum lines and heavier guitar riffing. Strangely the vocalist attempted to load up some anger but his voice remained at the same intensity. What is beyond the fourth minute is the most catchy part: a beautiful riff with a very consistent drum pattern playing along.

I rate it 9/10.

  • Lumsk – Ormin lange (4:33)

Lumsk is a band from Trondheim, Norway. It combines traditional or traditionally inspired elements from Norwegian folklore and poetry with progressive rock (latest works) and metal (earlier releases). The music has both male and female vocals with violin, guitars and drums (from

This track starts as the typical folk metal track: you will expect some Korpiklani music, simple, catchy and folky, but no! Lumsk is anything but that: they are more into progfolk metal and the drum parts will soon convince you. The guitar power chords are not of typical folk progression and the symphonic instrumentation is a blend of classic and folk. There’s even some thrash metal riffing going on! The album is very well produced; perfect all in all.

I rate it 9/10.

  • Green Carnation – Light Of Day, Day Of Darkness (60:05)/h3>

Green Carnation are from Kristiansand, Norway. They formed in 1990 as a death-metal act, but did not release their first album until 2000. This is because shortly after having formed as Green Carnation, main composer Tchort left the band to join Emperor (from

Yes one of the longest metal tracks ever. Of course it would have been a bigger success if it was partitioned into tracks since its really hard to listen to a 60 minute track. It’s a bit annoying to listen to a part of it so it’s either the full track or nothing. The best time to check this one is late at night exactly 1 hour before going to sleep: it will take you into a long journey and finally leave you in a relaxed state. The video posted above is only 10 minutes of the track and its not the intro part. The track starts with mellow guitar and vocal melody with simple drum lines. You can expect a lot of changes as the song progresses; aggression comes and goes and for few minutes only, female vocal melody fills your echoing head.

I rate it 7/10.

  • Noekk – The Minstrel’s Curse (7:53)

Noekk is the duo F.F. Yuggoth (Markus Stock – Ulf Theodor Schwadorf) and Funghus Baldachin (Thomas Helm), both formerly of Empyrium. They specialize in a dark and symphonic style of progressive metal (from

Suddenly kicks off with a heavy riff and a walking drum line as you start to think it’s a NWBHM track but it’s a progmetal with emphasis on the dark themes. As soon as the vocalist starts singing you will shift your thoughts to a darker genre. I always compared the vocalists’ voice to the voice of Bassem Deaibess (Blakyum, The Hourglass) ‘though he is always singing in low pitches and in other tracks the similarity is more noticeable (listen to Codex Deserta). In the mid of the track it all changes to a more misterious/magical mood as all Noekk’s lyrics are related to mountain myths and magic of the valleys. The track moves then into death growls and a battle mood ending lyrically with a “curse”.

I rate it 9/10.

  • Pain of Salvation – People Passing By (9:05)

Pain of Salvation is a progressive metal band from Eskilstuna, Sweden. The band is centered around lead vocalist / guitarist / composer / writer Daniel Gildenlöw (from

Every fan of progressive metal falls in love with this track right after the first few seconds. The slap bass intro is just so genius and captivating (later it was claimed to be played by a guitar with “loads” of added effect, even played live by Daniel Gildenlow). The song is considered to be genius when it comes to music progression as well as excessive use of odd time signatures. On the other hand, slow mellow parts give the lyrics some space and calmness while another guitar solo (one solo was just not enough!) rocks to an entirely new progression, again assisted by the bass guitar which skillfully blends melody with rhythm along the drums.

I rate it 10/10.

This is the first article in a hopefully endless series of articles. Feel free to suggest your own “fresh” tracks.