Tom Morello’s well known for his work with Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave. His history of political activism has also inspired him to form The Nightwatchman, a solo acoustic-based folk rock project with a political message. He has created his own sound and while he may not be the best vocalist, this is more about the message itself.


You could say that “The Nightwatchman”, formed in 2003, is the alter ego of this brilliant guitarist (while Audioslave was still united) which worked as an support act for his political views. With his amazing guitar skills, it might seem a bit weird that Morello finally determined to pursue a solo career where he would “ditch” his greatest strength.

Morello released his 1st solo Album in 2007 under the name of “One Man Revolution”; the album is full of “back and forth” between folk/rock with a bit of country and even reggae. My recommended tracks are: “The Road I Must Travel” and “Nightwatchman Brigade”.

In 2008, Morello released his 2nd album “Fabled City”, adopting the acoustic guitar & harmonica straightforwardness of the folk singers of the 50s and ‘60s like Bob Dylan. My recommended tracks are: “The Fabled City”, “Whatever it Takes” and “Lazarus on Down” alongside Serj Tankian.

So do check out his music if you’re into (political) folk-rock and especially if you’re a RATM fan.