This review is going to be about the album that somehow launched the Norwegian black metal genre. Yes, this review is going to be about Mayhem’s most infamous album, Deathcrush. This is the record that started the Norwegian black metal scene; it is by far one of the most influential albums to ever exist. Not only did it start black metal, but is also started a revolution somehow: Maniac, Messiah, Euronymous, Manheim and Necrobutcher manufactured the filthiest black metal record that influenced a lot of other bands.

The album starts off with Silver Anfang, an instrumental that serves as only an introduction to the album. After it comes the title track of the album, Deathcrush. The music sounds close to old Celtic Forst/Hellhammer, but it’s darker with high pitched vocals and a more thrashy feel to the music. Maniac really suited the band vocally at that time and managed to pull off each and every song in a very meticulous way!]

Next up is the sickest song on this album, Chainsaw Gutsfuck. It really stands out because it is not thrashy at all; this is probably the first song that can be labeled as a Norwegian Black Metal song. The lyrics on this one are brilliant and they are among the most disgusting ones that I have read, “Maggots crawling in her cunt, I just love to lick that shit.” Images of decay and death occupy your mind while listening to it, something which is needed to satisfy a true black metal fan.]

Witching Hour comes after Chainsaw Gutsfuck, and mostly everyone knows that it is actually a cover song, which is originally for Venom. The song is covered pretty decently and what is distinctive about it is that it really is somehow a recreation of the song and not just a “cover”.

Necrolust comes next and it is the thrashiest song on the album, somehow reminiscent of the old Bathory. The drum lines on this one are simply brilliant, they are fast paced and not overly done. The riffs are magnificent and also thrashy but with a black metal twist in them.

The album ends with Pure Fucking Armageddon that is introduced by an instrumental. This song is the most aggressive one on this album; it is really fast and it gives an idea about how misanthropic black metal is. This song is truly Armageddon caught on tape! Mayhem are able to end this album with a song that will leave the listener with so much rage in the listener and make him/her understand what traditional Norwegian Black Metal was all about.

This album is basically recommended to Black Metal fans who want to understand the origins of Norwegian Black Metal. Non-Black Metal fans will most probably dislike it, since the sound quality can be labeled as being bad. After all, this was The True Mayhem, back when they were a bunch of teenagers expressing their anger musically.