Check out part I of this musical tale here The Cake of Hannah Part I.

It all started with a creative mind aiming to form a great mix of food (salty and sweet) to serve his tasting buds. It was not easy creating such a mix, going through endless experiments and lots of bad opinions but when one is dedicated, one shall reach his goals. Thus, the legend of Knefeh was born.

In part one of “Knefet Hannah”, the story evolved around the son of Boutros (Hannah) inheriting his father’s legacy but failing to fill his shoes, having not enough talent to produce the famous Knefeh. Surprisingly a stranger (cook) visited the shop and to make the story short, the stranger learned the secrets of Boutros from his son and was able to produce the famous tasty Knefeh.

The stranger which then turned out to be “Hallabus the great” (a traveler as formentioned) settled at the village of Hannah agreeing with his son to make Knefeh and help the business survive while taking half of the earnings. For sure the business was back on track and people added again Knefeh to their regular breakfast.chef-angry-mad-cook-south-park

Not much time passed until things started to change: the village was no more a village, it has become a city. People started to lose interest in what was always offered by the village and were mostly interested by the cultures of other countries; claiming they are open minded people and wanted to explore the world and not stick to the “silly” traditional menu.

Hannah and Hallabus were again facing a problem; Botrous’ Knefeh was produced but apparently wasn’t enough: one must supply what is on demand. Still, Hannah refused to let go of the tradition and move on to making foreign sweets, so he was challenged to find a solution since he was more of a problem solver than a cook.

Hannah has got it! He shall borrow from the foreign menu and mix it with the traditional ingredients thus making an interesting recipe attractive for the locals and foreigners.


Mixing the traditional Oriental cheese and carefully chosen hulled wheat with the French cheese and Swiss chocolate and butter!

Again, how is this article related to music? You tell me!