FridaGillespie is a newly opened Pub/Restaurant in Jbeil (Byblos) near Dunkin Donuts. With beautiful decoration, a great ambiance and an exquisite Fusion cuisine, FridaGillespie is a place to check out.


On the 14th of January 2010, FridaGillespie hosted another band, a rock band of five young men (unnamed band). The band played alternative music covering tracks of bands like 3 Doors Down, Maroon 5, Coldplay and others.

As a general overview I would describe the performance as such:

Clean well played drum reflected the talent of the drummer and nice vocals that suited the soft rock genre made us discover a talented singer (whose name is yet to be known). The vocalist was still a bit shy on stage, barely moving and sometimes focusing less on his vocal performance. Tracks were performed with the band style clearly perceived mostly in Anastacia’s cover “Everything Burns”.

The Band seems to have potential but they need to practice more. They came a bit late to the pub and had no time to set their instruments properly. It’s a problem pubs always face with beginner bands.

Another cover which got my attention is “My Way” by “Frank Sinatra” played with a slightly rocky style.

I would rate the band performance 6/10 although I am not familiar with the band and have no idea how much experience they have. I think they should add some faster tempo tracks to their play-list to shift gear fom time to time ad keep the crowd interested. Slow gloomy psychedelic tracks pushes the crowd to assume the music as a sound background and ignore the good or the bad of the band’ musical effort.


On January 15th, a “BIG BAND” was to play “The Jazz” featuring Arthur Satayan, Walid Tawil and Carlos Abou Chabakeh. I actually dare not review improvised Jazz by the best musicians in Lebanon. I can only say that jaws dropped during the entire show. Mixing some rock with some funky Latin Jazz, those musicians seemed to be having fun on stage, totally enjoying their time; nodding their heads, giving signs to one another for respective solos or to take a brake and enjoy their drinks.


Again on Sunday 23rd, Mr Walid Tawil and Mr Arthur Satyan will be playing some Latin and Funky Jazz.

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