• Patrick Saad’s Top Releases of January 2011

Highlights: “Braving the Dunes” and “Heart Of The Sea Nymph”.


Positives: Keith delivers great instrumental metal with technical prowess and is backed up by Nevermore’s Jeff Loomis here!

Remarks: This album is already a strong contender for 2011’s top metal albums!

For fans of: Periphery, Cloudkicker and Bulb.

  • Toxic Smile – I’m your Saviour

Highlights: “I’m your Saviour” and “Pride and Joy”.

Positives: The band mixes many different genres smoothly and runs lengthy songs with interesting variations.

Remarks: The ‘Symphony-X’ tag which the band referred themselves to is inaccurate. The music is clearly progressive rock oriented rather than metal.

For fans of: Genesis, Yes and Dream Theater.

  • Rami Rouhana’s Top Release of January 2011

  • Ulcerate – The Destroyers of All

Highlights: “Cold Becoming” and “Beneath”.


Positives: Delivers as promised a “large” sound immensely blackened with brutal blasts!

Remarks: The band’s website is one of the best band websites I have ever checked: Band’s Web

The band have also made a “sub-website” to follow up the album’s evolution and finally the release: Album Web

For fans of: Technical Death Metal.

  • Amer Alameddine’s Top Release of January 2011

Highlights: “Still Ain’t Enough for Me”, “Undertow” and “Once Upon a Time”.

Positives: After reuniting with Paul Gilbert, the band reclaimed its old sound characterized by blazing guitar solos, catchy riffs and fast bass lines mixed with strong vocals. This album reminds the fans of what Paul Gilbert had to offer to this band.

For fans of: Paul Glibert, Extreme, Richie Kotzen and Whitesnake.