Dianoya is a rising band from Poland whose 2010 album Obscurity Divine is highly acclaimed by critics and fans alike (Check here and here). Make sure you visit the band’s Myspace link at the end of the article and stream the available songs. You can also check out their official video of “Dreamlack” in the article below.

  • Interview with Dianoya’s vocalist Filip Zielinski

  • Tell us more about the whole recording process. Where was the album recorded and was the material already available from your previous EP?

All the music material was composed fairly quick, I began working with Janek (guitarist) in June 2008. Sketch of the whole album was ready by October. And then we worked on the final shape of Obscurity Divine with the whole band. We went to the studio in April 2009, recorded and mixed the whole material in TR Studios in Warsaw. In this session we recorded more songs than the ones found on the album but after some long reflections, we found that some songs do not fit the concept of Obscurity Divine. As for the aforementioned EP, I must say that I wouldn’t call it that way. When we recorded and mixed all the material, we decided that we want to start promoting the album by releasing a single because we knew that the LP album will be released in 2010. So the two songs that were promoting the album: “Severance” and “Unsound Counterpart / Delusion Stigma” are treated as a promotional singles and not as an EP.


  • After reading several reviews of your latest album “Obscurity Divine”, one cannot but notice the direct comparison with bands such as Riverside and Porcupine Tree. What are Dianoya’s influences?

What can I say… I know that we are often compared to those bands but I think that all debuting bands have to go through hundreds of comparisons to their older colleagues. We are compared to Riverside, Riverside were compared to Porcupine Tree and Porcupine Tree to Pink Floyd … so this is the thing that we’re not able to change. At first, we were annoyed because of this; I mean Obscurity Divine is a product of our hard work so why should anyone else want to compare us with other bands. But after a while I consoled myself with the fact that if someone really wants to know our music, he will probably discover more than one or two influences of ours. And when it comes to inspiration I can say that no Dianoya member listens to Progrock music and frankly we never considered our music in that category. We got the label from the criticism and let it be… if someone asks me what kind of music Dianoya plays, I will say Rock… maybe a little strange but still Rock.

  • Dianoya is getting all the attention from radio shows in Poland and Europe, as well as the tours to go with it. Will we see you guys expanding outside of Europe?

We played many shows throughout this year and a half in Poland and we know that is the time to try our luck beyond the borders of our country. But we want it to be well prepared from the promotional and logistic point of view.Otherwise you can lose a lot of enthusiasm and even more money. We will seriously take this into account after releasing our second album.

  • Knowing that there were some guest vocalists on the album, what other musicians do Dianoya hope to cooperate with? Probably some lengthy atmospheric track with Anneke van Giersbergen?

I had the great pleasure to meet Anneke during Anathema concert in Poland in which she participate. Of course it would be great if Anneke could take part in our album because she is a great musician and a very nice person but time will tell what will happen. For now we do not have explicit plans about guests on the second album, things like that usually come up spontaneously.


  • What should the fans expect from Dianoya in albums to come?

We started work on new album sometime ago. We have some old material from the Obscurity Divine session and a lot of new stuff. It’s really hard for me to tell which way the band’s second album will go to but I think it can be heavy.

  • Any final words to Dianoya fans and LebMetal.com readers?

All the best in the coming year! Follow our news because we will surprise you in 2011! Thank you for this interview!

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