LebMetal.com is now posting a monthly top releases article. Highlights will suggest a couple of must-listen to songs from the specific album and a For Fans of part will guide readers to their favorite genres and styles. The LebMetal.com editors are also accepting recommendations from you readers: send an e-mail to admin@lebmetal.com with 2 recommended Metal releases for the upcoming articles with all the above-mentioned sections included (highlights, favorite song’s Youtube link and for fans of details).

  • Rami Rouhana’s Top Releases of November 2010

Highlights: ” Eukalyptustreet” and “Vitets Vidd I Verdi”.


Positives: Experimental fusion of Jazz and metal. Creative use of wind instruments and catchy female vocals.

Remarks: Not all tracks are impressive. Being experimental, not all track are easily digested.

For fans of: Arcturus and Vintersorg.

Highlights: “Writhe” and “In Mirrors III: Equilibrium”.

Positives: Jazzy metal with Death influence. Highly creative.

For fans of: Dark Hall and Lumsk.

  • Amer Alameddine’s Top Releases of November 2010

  • Atheist – Jupiter

Highlights: “Third Person” and “Fictitious Glide”.


Positives: Great recording quality, odd time signatures, technical riffs / solos and fast-paced drumming are what makes this album a great progressive/technical death metal album.

Remarks: Less fusion-oriented than it’s predecessor, “Elements”.

For fans of: Necrophagist, Obscura and Death.

  • Yngwie Malmsteen – Relentless

Highlights: “Enemy Within” and “Critical Mass”.

Positives: Tim “Ripper” Owens’ vocals sound great, and Yngwie has been able to capture the tone and feel of his older albums.

For fans of: Uli Jon Roth, Symphony X, and Cacophony.

  • Patrick Saad’s Top Releases of November 2010

  • Benevolent – Divided (EP)

Highlights: “The Tyrant” and “Purgatory”.


Positives: high quality recording, creative songwriting with just the right mixture of progressive death metal and technical musicianship.

Remarks: this is as good as it gets as an EP; the only negatives here are some repetitive parts that could have been spared.

For fans of: Opeth, Meshuggah and Periphery.

  • Transcending Bizarre – The Misanthrope’s Fable

Highlights: “The Murders of the Young Ones” and “The Return to Nothingness”.

Positives: Best avant-garde release of the year with high quality recording and lengthy/powerful songs, mixed with a weird vibe of course.

For fans of: Arcturus and Le Grand Guignol


  • Elie Rassi’s Top Releases of November 2010 (Fan Submitted Recommendations)

Highlights: “Words Darker Than Their Wings”, “Slip to the Void”.

Positives: Myles Kennedy