UK band Chickenhawk have released a single titled “Scorpieau” which is available for free download here. After being contacted by the band’s PR, I checked out the band and here are some interesting stuff that you need to know.


Their newest album Modern Bodies will be released on November 1st 2010 – a preview of the album can be streamed on their official Myspace (see Links at the end of the article). They are also heavily touring in the UK with bands such as We are the Ocean and Alexisonfire.


Scorpieau has an experimental rock feel to it, with some hardcore influences similar to what Converge play. The drummer seemed to be putting alot of work here, keeping this weird nonstop hardcore feel to the song, along with those guitar lines of course. The only thing that might not appeal to the listener at first hand is the vocalist screaming his way throughout the song but again that shouldn’t disturb experimental hardcore fans at all.

You can also check out this official video of the band.

Hardcore fans, Chickenhawk are waiting for your feedback!

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The new album from Chickenhawk, Modern Bodies is available here.