Placid Buzz was the first band in the event. This band plays psychedelic/progressive rock and I was really impressed with their performance! They played Porcupine Tree in a great and professional way. Too bad there weren’t a lot of people, relatively speaking, in front of the stage while they were playing. The band nailed every song they played, especially the Porcupine Tree covers. I can’t wait to see more of them.

Frozen Flames was next in the lineup. The band was well prepared and they had a great set-list. Now some people already know what I think about covering Maiden, but this band is actually an exception. They played each and every song, including an original, in an amazing way. Too bad the sound was starting to deteriorate and the band faced some technical problems on stage. However, they didn’t fail to excite the crowd and give them a great show. Kudos to the vocalist, I actually closed my eyes at one point and I was able to imagine Bruce Dickinson on stage!

Frozen Flames - Live Nova 2010

The next band doesn’t really need any introduction. The old school heavy metal band, Oblivion was next up on stage. What’s really rare about this band is that people actually get more excited when the band plays originals and not covers! The band was able to satisfy all the heavy metal maniacs out there. It was also nice seeing the chemistry flowing not just between the band and the audience but between the bands as well, since Frozen Flames’ vocalist shared the stage with Oblivion on the Iron Maiden cover song.

Oblivion - Live Nova 2010

Ataxia hit the stage after Oblivion. This band plays thrash metal with a Brazilian twist to it; they had a lot of chemistry with the crowd and people were banging their heads to their music during all of their performance! The band covered songs such as: Refuse-Resist and Roots Bloody Roots. The overall performance of the band was a good one.

December Dies Alone was the last band to hit the stage. I wasn’t able to get what was happening on stage, since the sound was really bad and it won’t be for their best if I reviewed their performance, because I don’t want to accuse them of something that they didn’t intend to do.