As you all know my friend Patrick wrote a while ago an article about the list of recommended books for metal heads to read. The article inspired me to make a list of recommended video games for metal heads to play. Now of course Guitar Hero is on the top of the list, but that is obvious so I won’t go in to details concerning it. There are a lot of games that relate to metal in an indirect way, games such as: Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Final Fantasy, Twisted Metal, Dragon Age, God of War, The Lord Of The Rings, Brutal Legend, Demon’s Souls and many more! Listing all the games would be endless, so there will be more articles on the subject. For part I, I’m going to describe the games listed above and say why they are recommended for metal heads to play!

  • Silent Hill

The best survival horror series needs no introduction. The game is disturbing, occult-ish and eerie. Black Metal heads would love playing this game, since its theme is very similar to the of black metal. The series includes: demon babies, deformed nurses, the rise of an evil god and twisted endings! What more can you ask for? This game will satisfy every sick metal head out there. It is a must play for every metal head in general and black metal heads in specific. In addition to that, the sound effects’ composer of the game, Akira Yamoaka, lists Metallica as one of his influences! I personally recommend playing Silent Hill 1, 2 and 3.

  • Resident Evil

Set in the virtual city, Raccoon City, Resident Evil is the reason why survival horror games exist, and hell we are all glad they doe exist! Resident Evil has been the leading game in its genre, and why wouldn’t it be? It has a spectacular story, amazing characters and zombies (human and inhuman). This game will surely tempt fans of death metal and grind. I can picture Cannibal Corpse writing a song about it for it is one of the most “disgusting” games. My recommendation: Resident Evil 2.

  • Final Fantasy

The most successful RPG in the world. Final Fantasy is the game with the most sequels, for it is has more than 13 sequels (including its online games). Final Fantasy came to birth with the super Nintendo and since then it has been praised by both critics and fans and people seem not to get enough of it, and why would they? The game is mythical and mystical thus it is perfect for power metal fans. It would actually appeal to a lot of people, since it has elements that capitvate audiences that different tastes. Recommendation: Final Fantasy X.

  • Twisted Metal

This game is one of the classics. It first came out on the first PS and had more than one sequel. The game revolves around vehicles blasting the hell out of each other and each vehicles has its own special attacks. The way they are designed makes me not doubt the fact that they have been designed by a metal head. This game is recommended to all metal fans, it is very fun and it will surely make you have a great time!

  • Dragon Age

Ogres, blood magic, dark spawn, witches, dragons and epic battles. Power Metal at its best! This game has been crushing every other RPG since its debut! The game was released in 2009 and its sequel is already going to be released in March 2011, something rather rare in gaming. Gaming Companies on average wait a minimum of 3 years before publishing another sequel, because they take their time studying how people would react to it. With Dragon Age it was obvious from the beginning for the people are never actually having enough of it. I personally played it for 3 times and let’s not forget that the game play actually exceeds 50 hours! This shows how amazing the game is. Power Metal fans this game is mostly recommended to you for you will surely enjoy playing it!

  • God of War

The God-slayer Kratos is becoming somehow each gamer’s favorite! This game is one of the most bloody games that you will ever play. Not to forget that you get to decapitate, gouge and shred Gods to pieces. This game is not for the soft hearted and that is why it will appeal to extreme metal fans.

  • The Lord of The Rings

This game is obviously based on the novel and as everyone already knows, a lot of metal bands are highly influenced by it.

  • Brutal Legend

Check this review of Brutal Legend right here on

  • Demon’s Souls

Another great RPG which is somehow very underrated. This game is one of the best games that I have ever played. You get to travel to medieval castles and to catacombs, battle dragons and choose sides (good or evil). It’s highly recommended to metal heads as it’s similar to Dragon Age in so many ways, but it has a different feel to it.


So folks this is the first set of games that I recommend each and everyone of you to play. I hope you enjoy playing them! Feedback is appreciated!